Use case: Managing your deliverables

The feature

The Reports Box is a feature within Beecome’s platform which was designed to make the assignment management task easier for teachers.


It allows you to program its opening and its closing date automatically. It centralizes all documents in a single place with only one click away from dowloading it all. The most important aspect of it is that it helps teachers and staff save precious time usually wasted when trying to gather several different documents via multiple emails and replies threads. We’ve calculated that by using the report boxes a teacher can save an average of 4 hours per assignment.

Adapting to a new tool

The implementation phase of a digital tool is everything that happens after a contract with a learning institution is signed. Since Beecome keeps evolving, implementation is constantly expanding together with the platform. But it is true to say that the first year is the core of implementation.


Top-down decisions can come really strong for an institutions’ employees and extended community. It takes time to adjust and create new working habits. It’s ok, like Daft Punk would say, we’re humans after all.


And what’s great about working with humans is that we see connections everywhere and multiples ways to use a single tool. Having a direct and open channel of conversation with your users allows them to actually be able to share their ideas 🙂

Multiple usages

What was once primarly designed for teachers, now finds its place as one of the favorite Beecome tools among school’s administrative staffs.


We go often on the ground and spend valuable time with teachers and staff to understand how they use or how they’d like to use Beecome in their routine. During one of our pedagogical meetings with the IGS group we found out that staff members were using the report boxes to orderly collect from their students internship contracts after they were signed as well as documents related to student absence.


The Report Box plays a very concrete and important role in the relationship between teachers and the pedagogical staff of their cursus. The feature has helped admins to better coordonate the delivery of final grade reports and follow up reports they should exchange with each other throughout the year.


A real email killer, the report box is now on the Top 3 favorire features for our pedagogical partners.