Beecome’s new features for 2020-2021

After an enriching year and the launch of the virtual classroom, Beecome continues to evolve with the start of the 2020 -2021 school year and launches several new features and integrated applications.

The evolution of Beecome’s interface

By listening to our users we have identified several possible improvements for Beecome’s interface. Navigation in the classrooms, groups and disciplines is now easier and is done through a single menu from which one can access the flow of publications, documents, deliverables and associated Rooms.

Other evolutions will be implemented during the year, for more harmonization and to make navigation easier.

Scheduling of publications

Picto Programmation

To schedule publications on the school, classes/groups and discipline feed is now possible on your Beecome account.

Create, organize and publish your publications with enough time ahead and save time.

Introducing the feature Disciplines

A new feature has arrived in your Beecome account, the Disciplines space.
Over there you can exchange ideas, publish and share posts or documents related to a specific discipline.

Microsoft Teams integration

Beecome now has the ability to schedule and create Microsoft Teams meetings.

Organize audio and video conference calls with your classes straight from the calendar or directly from the class/group space.

Integration of Omniscol

Omniscol, the online solution for generating, optimising and managing schedules is now integrated into Beecome. Manage your schedule and communicate with your students through a single interface.

See you soon for even more news
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