Chit-chat and croissants: take a peak into our Breakfast on campus

It may no longer be a surprise to you that Beecome works closely to its partners institutions.


Our users can contact the Beecome team at any time through their own space in the platform. And not to brag about it, but we’re pretty fast when it comes to replying back to our users. Even though instant messaging can be pretty handy to report issues or to suggest improvements, we know it’s not enough to consolidate a real relationship.


In order to do that we come often on site and throw what we like to call a Beecome Breakfast get-together event. It’s a great opportunity to get close to our users and have face-to-face conversations about their experience and gather suggestions that can help us improve even more our features.

How does it work?

We arrive for the first class of the day, take care of setting up the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and all you do is show up. Pretty much a sweet deal, right? ☕️  ?  ?  ? ? ? ?

In France we take very serious the role food can play in creating connexions between people. It spikes dialogue and it a perfect buffer for speaking out your ideas. We love it.


To give space and opportunity for your users to voice out their suggestions is a great way to get closer and understand better what they need. At Beecome we appreciate these precious moments because getting feedback is essential to do the work we do even better.
Even though a nice croissant can let users more at ease and willing to share, it can be difficult to keep a rigorous track of all feedbacks and quantify them while you’re having a heat debate about colors theory, for instance. ?

The tokens feedback game

If you’ve been to one of our Beecome Breakfast get-together you will recognize the tokens game set up. This feedback game was developped by our team in order to better quantify all the received feedbacks.

Each box represents a different feature in our platform and together with it there is a color code. A fun and quick way for our users to share their feelings and the way they prefer to interact with Beecome on a daily basis. Also it allows us to have a quantitative approach on the received feedback.

Beecome on your campus

Reach out to the Beecome team if you are a partner establishment and would like to have a Beecome Breakfast Get Together on campus ?