New partner schools for the school year of 2020 – 2021

For the start of the 2020 school year, many educational institutions have chosen to integrate Beecome, a new-generation tool, into their pedagogy.

They have chosen to join Beecome for school year of 2020 – 2021:

Higher education institutions


IFAG Business School

IFAG is a business and entrepreneurship school with 20 campuses. The school aims at training entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship graduates as well as those who wish to take over a managing position. The business school offers a 5-year post-baccalaureate curriculum. Explore their curriculum offer at:


IGF Group

Since 1996 IGF offers apprenticeship opportunities within their programs. It welcomes every year around 500 apprentices allowing a real proximity between students regardless of their training: technical degrees, accounting or even European diplomas.


C3 Group

C3 Group is composed of professionals in business services and entrepreneurs, experts in knowledge and skills transfer. The group is a skills certifier since 2002 and they work with 500 partner companies in Île-de-France and Centre Val de Loire region.



EAC School

Since 1985, EAC has been a reference institution for training in the cultural, luxury, art and heritage fields. It has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication as a teaching institution since 1999.


National Institute of Gemmology

Founded in 1967, ING offers programs in gemmology (Bac+3, Bac+5, internships, preparation for competitions), which prepares for the high jewelry market. Its programs target intended for students who wishes to enroll into a higher education institution as well as for professionals who would like to retrain or develop their skills.


OPTIMA Business School

Optima Business School offers a program entitled Operational Marketing Manager (RMO) – Sales Developer in the region of St-Dizier. Apprenticeship and professionalization contracts are a possibility for students.


ESNA Business School

ESNA is a higher education institution specialized in business negotiations, which aims at training their students to excel in their fields.


STRATE School of Design – Lyon

Strate School of Design is a private institution of higher technical education founded in 1993. The school trains professionals in industrial design and 3D modeling, as well as innovative project managers.


ESAJ School of Landscapes and Ecological Transition

Created in 1966, ESAJ has established itself over the last 50 years as a reference higher education institution in the landscape field and has trained professionals in France and internationally. ESAJ trains landscape architects to design and implement development projects at all scales of the territory.


ILERI – Lyon

ILERI is a school specialized in international relations since 1948. It offers multidisciplinary programs in political science, geopolitics, international law, economics and languages. ILERI is a school very aligned with the market’s needs.

Professional Training Organizations

FCO logo

FormaConseils Occitania

FCO is a training center for VSEs / SMEs as well as individuals. Today FCO brings together 33 expert trainers to offer a quality service thanks to its commitment of 80% of practice during their classes. Its philosophy is to enhance the skills of the trainees by providing quality training that meets their real needs. More than a training center, FCO reveals the talents of tomorrow.

Formeose Logo


Forméose advises and trains all over France.
The trainers are experienced and have had operational and executive management experience. Forméose creates and conducts customized training sessions for all companies (VSEs, SMEs, civil service, multinationals), developing a specific and particularly dynamic form of training for the talented Generation Y.

We would like to thank our new partners for their confidence.

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