Meeting with IGS’s pedagogical team

Two years after Beecome became a partner of the IGS Group, our solution has been deployed in all of the group’s establishments.

We are committed to meeting regularly with the administrative and management teams to discuss their uses and answer their questions.

A long-term support

The meetings are also an opportunity to engage users and to talk about possible evolutions of the platform. To understand the way Beecome is used is key to best adapt the platform according to each role within a higher education institution. The introduction of a new tool in the work environment implies a real investment from the users side in order to evolve their practices. In collaboration with its partner institutions, Beecome trains and gives a long-term support for a better transition between tools and habits.

Pedagogy at the heart of students’ daily lives

An institution’s pedagogical department is at the core of the relationship between professors and students. This department is also the students’ main contact point with the administrative staff. Contracts signing, justification of absences, planning of activities gives plenty of opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, therefore managing emails can quickly escalate.

Simplifying discussions is Beecome’s role, and the platform takes on its full importance when pedagogy takes over.

Another way to communicate

Meetings with staff from partner institutions is an opportunity to discuss and explain how Beecome can address their challenges and save valuable time. During our last meeting with the IGS group, a common use case was brought up: absence management.

Beecome has a feature called Deliverables, in which the person in charge of managing absences can create a Deliverable Box dedicated to store and retrieve absence forms. When creating this box, an entire class can be assigned to it. These boxes can be programmed to open and close automatically.
At a glance, you can see who has sent their documents and retrieve it all in one single click.

Farewell to the dozens of emails and documents to sort out!

A big thanks to Nadia Benbouya, Sabrina Lenotre and Nicolas Planel as well as all the participants for their warm welcome.

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