Beecome takes the Room to the next level

Here it is! After several weeks of work, the Room – Beecome’s Virtual Classroom –  changes its face to improve remote learning.

Even more involved

A learning institution is above all a place for ideas exchange and interactions. Digital tools should come on board only if willing to preserve these two pillars. Beecome was designed taking into consideration exactly that and that’s why it keeps evolving.


A virtual classroom must remain a learning space made of instantaneity and exchange of knowledge. At the heart of this reflection is engagement. How to engage learners and encourage them to participate in a remote fashion?


The evolutions of the Room bring on board a panel of tools to maintain this important link to interactivity.

Email Visio V2 ESP

? Lots of new tools ?

This update adds many long-awaited new features:

?‍?Group work

The class can be divided into several work groups in order to carry out team projects, for example.

The speaker can move around from group to group.


The speaker can begin a student survey to increase interactivity and engagement.

Results are displayed live on the presentation.


The speaker can upload his or hers presentation to the platform and control it.

No need to share his or hers screen.


A collaborative whiteboard to note, draw, schematize and be creative.

Possibility to annotate on presentations.

⚖️Rights management

The speaker may pass it on the right to present to a student to allow him or her to share his or her presentation with the class.

?️Shared screen

Possibility to share your screen between the presentation and the webcams.

Everyone has the choice to modulate their screen as they see fit.

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