Get ready for Beecome’s new feature: guest users

With the Invitation option Beecome introduces the possibility to invite a person who doesn’t have a Beecome account. You can now generate an invitation that allows access to certain features of Beecome such as Room or Projects.

Do you want someone external to join a Room?

With one click on the Invite button you generate a temporary link which you can share with your guests and allow them to join the Room.

Wanna invite an external person to collaborate with your project? 

Send them a simple invitation so they can join you and collaborate with your project.


Once the link is received the guest can use their Beecome account if they already have one, else they can simply enter their email.

The invitation option is designed to be quick and easy to use. No time is wasted creating an account or going through a time-consuming process.

In 1 minute your guest is in the room.


You won’t need to worry about your personal data, guests have a restrict visibility. They have a dedicated interface and will only see the spaces you invited them to.

The access link to the room is only valid for the duration of the session.

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