Launch of the Virtual Classes

Virtual classrooms and other videoconferencing systems have become an inherent part of the learning process within higher education institutions, as well as an asset for individual projects.

Even if strictly speaking the technique itself is not new, its integration at the heart of education related institution shows that the learning paths are evolving and also the mindset that goes with it.

The need for dynamic interaction, immediacy and immersion are indeed fundamental aspects of virtual classrooms and that’s the reason why Beecome decided to integrate this functionality into its collaborative work environment.

We want to provide teachers with the flexibility to teach, broadcast, share and work with students on real time, regardless of whether one or the other are in the classroom or elsewhere.

Virtual classrooms also help the institution to handle unforeseen events, such as strikes, illness or anything that would make commute impossible, whether on the professor’s or learner’s side.

This scenario also favours Blended Learning methods, allowing them to step in and enrich the various ways of working and learning in a given classroom.

Students can join a Room from their Beecome Class Space or from their notifications pop-ups.

The Room remains accessible after the session is over and keeps all messages from the chat, documents exchanged as well as the collaborative notes

Share your webcam or your computer screen, thanks to the virtual classroom.

All participants in the Room can thus see everyone’s presentations.

Picture in Picture Mode



The instant chat allows you to exchange messages and documents with all the Room’s participants.


Collaborative note

With the collaborative note, work with several people on the same document simultaneously. 



Document sharing allows you to exchange files and links with all participants.