Digital strategies for non-tech institutions

In the field of adult education digital solutions were often seen as a something that would belong to the realm of institutions who would teach digital skills. The current sanitary crisis has brought attention to the sudden need of sustainable digital strategies for almost all activities performed in all areas of expertise.


The impact felt now by higher and continuing education institutions in France is directly related to how these institutions were previously preparing their digital transition, prior to the crisis. Whilst our team completely adapted its regular functioning to work on a crisis management framework with schools, these are some of the important points to highlight which enabled a smoother on-boarding of the Beecome platform:

Access to hardware (computer, tablet or smartphone)

Access to stable internet connexion

Digital literacy

Problem solving skills

As an educational solution provider, we went the extra mile and embraced the digital literacy challenge within Beecome’s on-boarding process with schools. But a different relationship was formed between Beecome and its new partner schools, and that’s greatly due to our partner’s wilfulness for change.

Higher Education

The French School of Garden Architecture and Landscape (ESAJ) is an inspiring exemple. A higher education institution with a great deal of history in its field and a refreshing will to rethink their practices and adapt to new tools. Their prior inclination towards a digital transition was indeed the key element to an efficient implementation phase during uncertain times.

French School of Garden Architecture and Landscape: view from the terrace.

The ESAJ team was already discussing with Beecome the implementation process for the following year, when France went into lockdown. In our chat with Sacha and Françoise they talked about how ESAJ was ready from the very first week to engage with the sudden change of scenario.

Chat with the ESAJ College team

“With professors coming from all over the country, we want to encourage sustainability also in our teaching practices while using remote teaching through Beecome.”

– Sacha Lenzini, Dean of ESAJ.

Continuing Education

The educational system, its priorities and methods, was greatly challenged during the covid pandemic. In addition to it, work was also put to test during this difficult and intense crisis. Not only the work place is no longer what it used to be, but the skills needed to embrace this change are for many still to be developed, both on the employees and the employers side.


Skills development trainings became essentiel to work institutions because transversal skills are necessary to improve the relationship we have with work and others.
Continuing education institutions such as Forméose and FormaConseils Occitanie were on-boarded during the first two weeks of lockdown. They reached out to Beecome because, prior to covid, they felt the need for an asynchronous digital solution in addition to face-to-face classes.

Chat with FormaConseils

Subtitles available in English

In our chat with Didier from FormaConseils he talks about how lockdown accelerated what used to be just an idea and how he settled for a digital solution at the very beginning of lockdown.


Beecome’s flexibility between its asynchronous and synchronous modules made it ideal for institutions not yet introduced to remote learning and that, in addition, wanted to keep a continuous follow up with its learners before and after classes.


For Jean-Louis the way to reassure his learners when facing such a big switch of method is taking first on him the learning by doing method. Training himself and the trainers was the key. For him it was important to be able to be there in real time for his learners when they needed assistance during class.

Chat with Formeose

Subtitles available in English

Beecome is committed to provide to its users a direct communication channel with our team, available from their own personal space in the platform. In times of Digital Transition is important for education institutions to put their trust into a team which will be backing them up on the on-boarding process of their members: both in person and remotely.

Final outcome

After 2 months of strict lockdown, here is an overview of Beecome’s outcomes in France.


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