Beecome at Learn Day 2019

Learn Day – Berne, Switzerland

This event is organized by the LEARN Center at EPFL, NCCR Robotics (National Center for Robotics Research) and the Swiss EdTech Collider (the center for EdTech entrepreneurs). It aims to encourage exchanges between researchers and practitioners around new pedagogical techniques, their impact and their implementation. People active in the educational field at the pedagogical, scientific, political or economic levels are invited to participate in this free day which will offer various interventions and workshops. The latter will focus in particular on the use of educational robots, MOOCs or virtual reality in vocational training. Through this day, we want to encourage dialogue and exchange of good practices between researchers and practitioners to create a positive and sustainable impact on education in Switzerland.

LEARN Day 2019 Artwork Panorama

The Beecome Workshop

The Beecome workshop was an opportunity for Learn Day participants to discover and take ownership of the platform. The management of roles within the institution, the different spaces for exchange and collaboration as well as the different pedagogical uses were discussed during this workshop.

These meetings are essential for the Beecome team, which attaches great importance to the needs expressed by pedagogical professionals.

Beecome member of Swiss EdTEch Collider

The Swiss EdTech Collider, a not-for profit association founded in 2017 located in the dynamic and vibrant EPFL Innovation Park and in close proximity to LEARN – EPFL’s Center for Learning Sciences in Lausanne, is Switzerland’s first collaborative and membership space dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs transforming education and learning through technology.

Thanks to Roman Bruegger for the invitation.

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