Press Release COVID-19



As an active member of the EdTech France ecosystem, Beecome is mobilized to offer institutions a maximum of pedagogical continuity, allowing them to maintain its normal activities, despite the health crisis we are all going through.


Education is at the heart of our missions. Now more than ever, we must all work together to implement solutions that ensure continuity of teaching and remote learning (management of virtual classes via videoconferencing and class broadcasting). Our tools, designed together with teachers and pedagogues, respect its users privacy and are perfectly adapted to the social, geographical and psychological diversity of its users.


As an interoperable platform for communication and collaboration, we want to offer to all institutions that wish to do so, be they colleges, high schools, training and language centres or higher education institutions, fast access to the platform and fast installation, free of charge and without compromizing its current internal systems. The videoconferencing as well as the broadcasting and document sharing features can be easily manipulated. Beecome is free during this period of crisis so that budgets are not put to question during what already is a very difficult time for society and economy.

We have prepared guides to help with a quicker implementation phase which takes place in only a few hours.


The platform allows you to manage a single class, a group of institutions and several campus.


It is available in French ?? and in English ????.


Security, installation, interoperability, API, WebServices, implementation, documentation, support.


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Consult the article (in French) on Libération, published on Libération, on February 16, 2020

” L’enseignement supérieur a sa plateforme numérique”